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Ajwa Madina

AED 30.00AED 219.00

Deglet Noor Tunisia

AED 15.00AED 114.00

Khalas Emarati

AED 11.00AED 52.00


AED 19.00AED 114.00

Mabroom Large

AED 31.00AED 205.00

Medjool Jumbo Jordan

AED 40.00AED 265.00

Medjool Large Palestine

AED 34.00AED 230.00

Safawi Madina

AED 21.00AED 153.00


AED 26.00AED 220.00

Sukkary Dry

AED 18.00AED 116.00

Sukkary Rutub

AED 12.00AED 74.00