Mejdool Dates Jumbo Palestine

from Dhs. 48.00

Medjool Dates Regulate your hormones and improve immunity!    These sweet, soft,  brown, and large premium Medjool dates have the perfect caramel flavour. Apart from being ideal for your sweet...

Premium Ajwa Dates

from Dhs. 56.00

Known as the “Holy date”, unique for its medicinal properties. Ajwa Dates were planted by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)  and hence hold a distinct place of importance among Muslims around...

Sukkary Rutub

from Dhs. 23.00

Cholesterol and fat-free, good for your heart. With a golden dry base and a brown soft body, acorn-shaped Sukkary Rutab dates are juicy, sweet, and yielding. They are slightly crunchy...

Mabroom Dates

from Dhs. 39.00

Highly nutritious, promotes brain health. With dark brown translucent skin and a long slender textured body, Mabroom dates are perfect if you like subtle sweetness and chewy treats. These dates...

Khudri Dates

from Dhs. 23.00

Great source of energy and natural sugar. Khudri dates are long-shaped and moderately sweet. The texture of these dates can vary from smooth to highly wrinkly, depending on the sub-variety....

Iftar Dates - Small Packs 100 pcs

Dhs. 60.00

 A very Ideal Iftar give away or take-away pack, handy and safe. Experience the joy of giving. Content: 5 dates in a Shrink Wrap. Health benefits: Excellent source of antioxidants Source...

Sagai Dates

from Dhs. 31.00

A sweet and savory variety of dates. Grown in the Arabian peninsula, Sagai dates are brown colored, sweet, soft, and delicious. Famous for their unique texture, their crunchiness makes them...

Safawi Dates Madina

from Dhs. 31.00

A Special variety of dates that improves digestion. These beautiful dark color, soft, fibrous, and luscious Safawi dates are grown in the City of Medina. They are a rich source...

Sukkary Dry

from Dhs. 29.00

Excellent source of energy and high fiber. Sukkari Dates are named after sugar in Arabic. These golden color dates are sweet, soft, crunchy, and have fibrous flesh making them a...

Khalas Emarati

from Dhs. 17.00

Smooth in texture, healthy for the heart. An important part of Emirati Culture, Khalas Dates are medium-sized, and red-brown in color grown locally in the UAE. They are moist and...

Premium Khalas Emarati

from Dhs. 32.00

Smooth in texture, healthy for the heart. If you are looking for over-the-top quality Khalas dates, then you are at the right place. Our Premium Khalas is rich in taste,...

Deglet Noor Dates Tunisia

from Dhs. 18.00

Translating to “Fingers of Light”, Deglet Noor Dates are rich in fibres rich dates are known to help maintain healthy skin and protect against lung cancer. A couple of Deglet...

Assorted Dates Box

Dhs. 225.00

The Best Gift for Ramadan! We at World of Dates believe in giving you the more power when you order. Order our Assorted box with four of our best dates. These are...

Date Paste

Dhs. 15.00Dhs. 12.00

An excellent natural sweetener, great for health. With no added sugar or preservatives, this date paste is made from dried dates, making it a perfect substitute for sweeteners and sugar...

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