Honey & Syrups

Agave Syrup

Dhs. 45.00Dhs. 32.00

Rich in Vitamin B6, helps boost metabolism. Agave nectar is low in sugar and fat — extracted from the Agave plant; native to Mexico. This plant is harvested to be used as...

Date Syrup

Dhs. 39.00Dhs. 30.00

Healthy for the immune system, gives you energy Dates Syrup is an effective natural sweetener, enriched with antibacterial properties. A better alternative to honey, our premium date syrup is an...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dhs. 50.00Dhs. 39.00

A Fantastic Source of Antioxidants and Healthy Fats  This is not your usual Olive Oil easily available at grocery store. We present you the best variety there is. First cold pressed,...

Emirates Sidr Honey

Dhs. 215.00Dhs. 165.00

Known as the Manuka of the Middle East, our Emirates Sidr Honey is locally harvested from the nectar of the Sidr flower. Apart from the numerous health benefits, its distinct taste...

Kyrgyzstan White Honey

Dhs. 285.00Dhs. 225.00

Collected from the nectars from the Sainfoin flower which grows in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, this White Honey is highly nutritious and has significant antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cough-suppressing properties....

Natural Mexican Honey

Dhs. 50.00

Best natural sweetener, good for the heart. There’s nothing better to add to your diet than natural honey. Honey is a composition of 80% natural sugar and 20% water. Honey...

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