Boosting your immunity is not rocket science.”
Being in the middle of a pandemic, immunity is now more crucial than ever. Before you get a thought on this, No !! artificial immunity booster powders and tablets are doing more harm to your body than good.

So how do you naturally build your immunity towards the virus and other diseases in general?

Here is the good news.
There are a few magical immunity-booster natural superfoods that can enhance your resistance power. But before we talk about them, understand why they made it to our list.

Why do these superfoods work?
Why should you trust these superfoods in improving your immunity? The answer is simple.
These food items are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and have strong anti-inflammatory properties to protect you from infections. The best part is most of them are low-effort snackable food.

The top 6 immunity-booster superfoods along with recipes


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This thick liquid usually available in white or golden color is enriched with anti-oxidants and gut-friendly bacteria. It is known to boost your immunity and also improve your digestive system. Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle by replacing your daily sugar intake with honey whenever possible.

Honey lemonade: Kickstart your mornings with the healthiest mixture of warm water and honey. Punch in a few drops of lemon, mix it all, and your shake is ready.

Fruit garnish:
Curate your favorite bowl of fresh and dry fruits and drizzle it with some honey. You can even enjoy a caramelized treat by putting your bowl in the oven for a quick grill.



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Cashews contain high levels of copper and iron that are great immunity-boosting agents. They also contain Zinc that develops your immune cells.

No-fuss snacks:
In case you cannot curb the urge to snack, grab a handful of cashews, roast them and store them in a jar. Munch on these ready-to-go snacks whenever you feel like it.

Nut sandwich:
Who does not love sandwiches? Toss some chopped cashews and green olives over your whole wheat bread for a wholesome meal. It is nothing fancy, but you will still love it.


Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids and amino acids — an immunity booster. They are a rich source of Glycine, Alanine, Glutamic acid, Zinc, etc.

Pick your favorite smoothie ingredients and sneak in some pumpkin seeds with them in your blender. De-stress with this refreshing twist!

Dessert topping:
Ditch the usual nuts and try tossing in some roasted pumpkin seeds for turning your desserts a little extra-scrumptious. You will love the added crunch!


Sesame seeds

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Sesame seeds are some of the most delicious and power-packed seeds of all. It has plenty of immunity improvers like Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B6, Copper, Vitamin E, and other essentials. All these nutrients activate germ-invading white blood cells — a must for a great immunity power.

Sesame seasoning:
Prepare a quick and flavourful seasoning for your grilled meat with a spoonful of powdered black and white sesame seeds. Add in a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of hot pepper flakes, and sprinkle on the mixture some cracked black peppercorns. We bet you cannot get enough of it!

Revamp your regular tomato or lentil or any other soup by tossing in some toasted sesame seeds. You can even sprinkle some of it with your pan-fried chicken for a crunchy texture.



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Anti-oxidant punched dates work great when it comes to enhancing immunity. The antioxidants in dates have a distinctive ability to protect your body cells against unstable molecules and free radicals. Hence fewer harmful reactions in your body — strengthening your immune system. Medjool dates are commonly used as immunity-boosters.

Date fudge:
Treat yourself to some luxury fudge with ingredients like date, raw cacao, and nuts. Blend it all, freeze it, and your treat is ready!

Date crust:
Bored with those same old raw cakes and cookies? Pick the best-quality dates and bind them into a mind-blowing crust. Drizzle it with some raw chocolate mousse and cherish this crave-worthy dessert!


Dried Blueberries

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Berries are known as one of the go-to foods for immunity boosting, and we have picked Blueberries for you. They contain high levels of vitamin A, C, and Potassium; shooting your immunity levels.

Tip: Before you add these dried blueberries to your recipe, soak them in warm water for 5-10 mins for them to rehydrate.

Blueberry pancakes:
Pancakes are a savior on bad days, and they cannot get better than a superfood twist! Pack in some added nutrition with flax meal and whole wheat flour. Surprise your taste buds by replacing the top sugary syrup with caramelized
bananas, blueberries, and cinnamon. We dare you to say no to this combo!

Blueberry nut mix:
A healthy scrumptious snack dish is 10 mins away. Toss some nuts in a pan along with salt, butter, and cayenne. Stir it for 2 minutes and let it cool down before you add dried berries to it.


We are pretty sure that as you hear the word “immunity boosters”, you are reminded of distasteful kadhas and bland tablets.

But who knew healthy could be so tasty?
Nature itself has gifted you with these powerful superfoods for added immunity. There is no better feeling in the world than replacing your unhealthy temptations with these healthy yet delectable recipes. All of these recipes are pretty simple, even for a

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